Business Development Coaching

Lawyers, Consultants and other Professionals

Changing attitudes and actions take time. Coaching helps people get out of their own way and unleash their creative marketing potential. Whether you’re a confirmed rainmaker who wants to do more or a novice who’s ready to put in the effort, coaching can help you reach your goals. Individual coaching will help you:

  • Improve existing relationships and create new ones
  • Build referral sources
  • Strategize on real opportunities
  • Create and implement a realistic plan
  • Follow through, even when you’re too busy or don’t know what to say
  • Break through personal barriers

Stewart has coached hundreds of lawyers and other professionals to increase their business, in addition to providing customized and interactive business development workshops in a variety of practice areas.  He works with attorneys in the following areas:

Business Development

  • Helping lawyers focus on business development with the same level of intensity and  professionalism that they bring to legal work
  • Coaching them know what to say in the moment in ways that are comfortable and natural for them
  • Helping them create realistic and achievable individual business plans and helping them implement those plans
  • Providing strategic and tactical business development advice
  • Suggesting action items, designed to successfully enhance relationships and secure long-term clients
  • Holding them accountable to their objectives

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Strategic Planning

  • Practice group/small firm strategic Planning: Work with practice groups to develop a strategic plan including implemention planning and coaching around implementation. Includes working with the team to:
  1. Create a vision
  2. Determine objectives aligned with the vision
  3. Develop strategies aligned with the objectives
  4. Create real action items with timelines
  5. Assign responsibilities
  6. Address accountability