What Clients Say

Stewart Hirsch has helped me immensely through the years in dramatically enhancing my client relationship and business development skills, in addition to helping me successfully navigate through numerous sensitive client and internal political situations. Beyond his professional qualifications, Stewart is a very genuine and authentic person of the highest integrity. Managing Director, global corporate finance and valuation consulting firm
As I think about what the new year will bring and what my New Year’s resolutions will be, I have reflected on what worked and what did not work for me in my career in the last year.  One of the most helpful things I did last year was to get an executive coach.  I worked with Stewart Hirsch and he reoriented my thinking towards strengthening my professional relationships and thinking more in terms of what clients want and need.  He also is a very strategic thinker in terms of solving specific problems and working through workplace and client dynamics.  I learned about executive coaches at the conference Women, Influence & Power in Law, and I am glad that I did.  Working with a coach really allows you to focus on your professional goals and the specific and practical ways to reach them.”
Partner in AmLaw 50 firm
“I am a partner in a national law firm having recently retired from government.  Stewart helped me develop a client base from scratch by showing me how to maximize my opportunities to get in front of clients in a meaningful way.  He assumed the role of coach and mentor and provided ways to “close the deal”.  His insight into the legal profession helped me to deliver the products that the client wanted and to better listen to the clients to serve them better.  I am grateful to Stewart for sagaciously analyzing the situations I brought to him and for helping me to launch my career.” Partner in AmLaw 100 firm
“I enjoyed your class so much! You have made networking anxiety a thing of the past for me – thank you!”
Director in international consulting firm and workshop participant
“I have worked with Stewart Hirsch and his firm Strategic Relationships as a coach for many years, and what I appreciate most is Stewart’s crystal clear analytical mind, in addition to his “human” approach in regard to legal marketing.  The relationship with Stewart has allowed me to organically grow and increase my business by building strong and long-lasting relationships with clients.  The value added by Stewart’s brilliant insight is immeasurable.  I highly recommend Stewart and his firm.”
Michael Kuhn, Partner, Fisher Broyles, LLP
“I wanted to share some good news: this week I brought a new client in. My first true “origination” for a significant matter. Got a call after speaking at a conference, then beat out several other firms in a beauty contest. Thank you for teaching me the skills to get to this point. I really couldn’t have done it without you!”
Partner in 500+ lawyer firm (former senior DOJ Litigator)
“Just wanted you to know that, last weekend, FIVE YEARS after you gave the presentation at Texas Women Lawyers, I finally sat down and worked on a complete business plan – using your template. Thanks so much – I feel like I have finally put the various “shoulds” and “oughts” swirling in my head into defined goals with realistic, incremental short-term objectives and a specific next-step action plan. It feels really great, and it has already made a difference. Just wanted to say thank you!”
Partner, Texas Law Firm
“I’ve known Stewart Hirsch for several years now; we came highly recommended to each other by a mutual friend–who was quite right.Stewart is a very, very fine business coach. He is smart and worldly-wise. He is irrepressibly upbeat. And he is relentless. Once he starts working with you to help you figure out how to develop business, for example, he is an inexhaustible source of good ideas and encouragement.I’ve used him myself, as well as helping him get work with our joint clients. I recommend him unreservedly.”
Charles H. Green, CEO, Trusted Advisor Associates LLC
“I am a corporate partner in the Boston office of an international law firm and have consulted regularly with Stewart for more than 8 years.  I continue to speak with Stewart twice a month, and send ideas and presentations to him for his reactions.  I consider Stewart’s judgments and sensitivities to be excellent, and highly useful in helping me present my, and my firm’s, legal services to clients and referral sources.  Stewart’s assistance has been creative both in terms of content and strategy, and even after all these years I find his continuing input to be of great value.”
Stephen M. Honig, Esq, Partner, Duane Morris
“Stewart’s intuitive coaching style is second to none. He offers incredible insight and terrific advice on communicating with clients, how to bring in business while maintaining integrity, and how to advance career (and personal) goals. He is trustworthy, consistent, and reliable. I recommend Stewart highly.”
Susan Schleck Kliener, Esq., formerly with Am Law 100 firm, now in private practice
“I first saw Stewart Hirsch present at a state bar association business development boot camp at which one of our attorneys participated. He had been highly recommended by a well-regarded business development and marketing professional who had repeatedly engaged his coaching services. I liked Stewart immediately as did our attorney who worked with him for several weeks leading up to the boot camp. My law firm subsequently engaged Stewart for a multiple-part series of coaching seminars in a small group setting. His style and approach got everyone engaged, participating and thinking as trust-worthy advisors. He also helped facilitate cross-marketing within the group. Inspiring, personable and caring above and beyond what one would expect, he is simultaneously practical, offering solid advice that’s easy to act on because he encourages within a comfort zone that lawyers find easy to embrace.”
Janet Levine, former Director of Marketing & Business Development, Flaster/Greenberg P.C.  
“Stewart Hirsch worked with our team as a facilitator and coach on a major strategic initiative for a key Fortune 500 client. This project focused on partners/executives and on improving client-facing relationship skills. It spanned over 18 months across all geographies in the US. Stewart was a thoughtful and empathetic coach and facilitator, with an ability to confront difficult patterns of thinking and behaving without forcing the issue. His skill in coaching both one-on-one and in a group situation proved essential to the success of this program. I strongly recommend Stewart as he is both a pleasure to work with and always deeply engaged with any client project that he takes on.”
Rani Gill, Project Director, Duke Corporate Education (2007)
“…The first coaching call was a little intimidating…I really did not know what to expect. But, there was a client call fast approaching and I KNEW I NEEDED HELP. I quickly found out that talking to Stewart Hirsch, head of Trust-based Coaching was worth the call. He delivered professional coaching beyond expectations and quickly assimilated the information I gave him.We talked about what I had discussed with the client, and then with a few words using the new principles we learned in class, the whole picture fell into place. I realized I had all the pieces needed for my conversation, I knew what was important to the client….Stewart helped me focus on how to say it.
The price of admission … a 15 minute phone call. The outcome…a client who recognized that I heard everything she wanted from us…” from Pat Sabatelle’s blog. Read more: The Trusted Advisor Coaching Program
Pat Sabatelle, Senior Vice President, CFRE The Solutions Grizzard Communications Group, Inc.